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A Loved One's Medical Fund

2016 Earth Day Festival Photos

Kanoeonapua & Ramon 50th Anniversary

Tui Ohana Easter

Scotland & Momoko Smith

Order Faga'itua High School "Vikings" DVD's

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Volleyball: Wai'anae High School vs. Anuenue High School

360 Degree Interactive View

2016 Rugby Ohana Cup

Past Rugby Events

Premier Sports Gallery: Hawai'i Rugby League Ohana Cup 2015

Past - Sports Gallery Premier: Aloha World Sevens International Rugby Tournament 2015

144th Annual King Kamehameha Celebration & 100th Floral Parade

143rd Annual King Kamehameha Celebration & 99th Floral Parade

Earth Day Festival: University of Hawai'i, Manoa

Blue Wing Ki'i is sponsoring this event by providing photo coverage.

Support Hawai'i Charter Schools: Fundraiser Concert

Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation: Hawai'i, today!

To our Veterans, We Honor You

Official Launch of BWK Sports

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Premier Sports Gallery: Roosevelt vs. Nanakuli JV&Varsity

Premier Sports Gallery: Faga'itua HS vs. Saint Louis HS

Premier Event Gallery: 2015 69th Annual Aloha Floral Parade 2015

Mahalo Nui and a Huge Thank You!

Mahalo Nui Loa!

Thank you everyone who had supported my campaign in bringing to fruition affordable sports photography for Hawai'i's under-served athletes. Unfortunately, we did not reach our fundraiser goal, ending at 1% of our goal, however my dream still lives on and i will continue to work on bringing sports media coverage to Hawai'i's under-served star athletes.

Special Thanks: I like to thank our PR Firm,, for distributing our press releases and for sharing our fundraiser campaign across the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc ...

Whats next: I will start another fundraiser campaign to support the same cause, either on indiegogo,com or . I will distribute the perks that were chosen before the end of July. Blue Wing Ki'i has a perspective sports media coverage event with the July 18th Samoa vs. Tonga Rugby Test Match at the Aloha Stadium, in Honolulu, Hawai'i. We will also be acquiring sports media coverage rights at our local high schools and clubs in the area. Stay tuned for future updates on our sports media coverage program.

Me Ke Aloha Nui,

Aaron Tui, CEO - Blue Wing KI'i: Photography and videography



Welcome! You've reached the Media website of Blue Wing Ki'i. We cover Major Events on O'ahu and post the product media here for your viewing and or purchase pleasure. Head to "Browse Media" to start viewing all our media covering events, projects, and stock footage both in photography and videography.

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New Signature Series

  • Waikiki Moon Rise

    Beautiful panoramic photo of Waikiki with the famous Daimond head in the background all under the full moon. *SIGNATURE SIRES* (This photo is part of the Blue Wing Ki'i Signature Series gallery. Prices will be higher)

  • Moonlit Tide Pool

    Located in Waikiki, this tidepool is illuminated by the moon as the green algae settled on the rock shines. In the background is the famous Waikiki Strip with the Famous Daimond Head volcanic crater to the back right. *SIGNATURE SIRES* (This photo is part of the Blue Wing Ki'i Signature Series gallery. Prices will be higher)

  • Tangy Bubble Gum Sunset

    This beautiful Sunset encourages a sensation of a tangy bubblegum nature through out your body and soul as you look upon its beauty. This photo was taken from the shore of Alamoana Beach Park looking west over the Honolulu Harbor. *SIGNATURE SIRES* (This photo is part of the Blue Wing Ki'i Signature Series gallery. Prices will be higher)

My Photography venture is being featured on Hawaii News Now as a journal article!

Posted by Aaron Tui on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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